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About Connect Financial Ministries...

VISION: A world managing its resources according to God’s financial principles.

PURPOSE: Connect Financial Ministries was founded in order to serve individuals through their coaching program.

Based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Connect Financial Ministries is unique in that it functions entirely online. Coaches and clients are located all over the U.S., but are able to meet regularly using this web based structure. Coaching sessions, assignments, and Bible studies all are completed with use of a flexible, online curriculum that provides useful instruction as well as relationship building between coaches and the clients they serve.

Charlie and Julia Sizemore founded Connect Financial Ministries in 2010. After
going through a period of personal financial challenge, the Sizemores sought
and found help through the well-known program, Crown Ministries. 


As they worked through the program, they learned God's Biblical Financial
Principles in how to balance a budget, pay off their credit card debt, and enjoy
the freedom that came from living within their means.


Having successfully completed the program, Charlie and Julia wanted to share
what they had learned with others about living life according to Biblical Financial
Principles. In early 2000, they received training and certification that enabled them to begin coaching others and Julia has been coaching ever since.


Julia assumed the role of Executive Director for Connect Financial Ministries in 2010.

Like the Sizemores, Joan Neshem and her husband, Stan, went through their own time of financial challenge in 2000 “due to not knowing / following God’s plan.” Listening to the radio shows of Larry Burkett, and then Crown Financial Ministries, prompted them to join a small group study offered by Crown Financial Ministries. Eventually they became small group leaders, and then felt compelled to train as Crown Money Map Coaches in 2006. They have been a part of the team ever since. 


The Neshems are ever aware that it was God who turned their situation around and “He has a much bigger plan for our lives than we could have imagined.”  

Because of their own trials, they are able to help others navigate their situations and can understand exactly where they are, how they are feeling, etc. Joan states: “God has helped us to see that generosity so rarely has to do with money... it has to do with our hearts - and once our hearts are on His path, He provides the resources to be generous!”  

After serving as a coach for many years Joan came on board as Administrative Coordinator in 2010. 

Ervin Barham’s story is simply this – As newlyweds, he and his wife realized that they had a large amount of credit card debt “and a condo on the beach that was draining hundreds of dollars per month” from their finances.  Through the grace of God and through the Biblical Principles and practical applications taught by the late Larry Burkett, they are now debt free. Ervin has spent a good number of years teaching and training others what he has learned.  “That’s why this ministry is so important and why I volunteer my time – it’s all about connecting to the Source, who is God and God alone.”

Ervin joined the team as Business Manager in 2013.

After working carefully to meet all the criteria, Connect Financial Ministries filed for 501(c)3 status and was granted that status in 2011.

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