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Request A Coach

Request a Financial Coach by selecting on of the packages below.


A financial coach will assist you in evaluating your present spending patterns, and help you work toward a balanced spending plan. Additionally, a coach will help you with:

 - Tailoring a personal spending plan

 - Savings plan
- Adopting a debt reduction plan
- Tips on dealing with creditors
- Choosing a tool to track financials
- Understanding financial software
- Sharing Biblical truths, allowing you to manage all the resources God has entrusted to you



Session Length:  Your first session will run between 1 and 1½ hours. Subsequent sessions should run approximately an hour. The number of sessions may vary based on Individual circumstance. 



Cost:  We have several packages to chose from and each package includes our online workbook, Connecting to Your Finances, a tool to enhance your study of financial discipleship. PLUS, it gives you access to many helpful resources, forms, videos, etc. 




We also offer these services

  • Additional Coaching Sessions                    

  • Career Direct Assessment

  • Personality ID Assessment

  • Training on Software such as Quicken, Every Dollar, Mvelopes, and others


Refund Policy: All payments made for services from Connect Financial Ministries are non-refundable.  A coach’s service is available 1-2 hours weekly for (4) four months from the date of payment. After (4) four months, additional services may require a new request, agreement and payment 

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