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Become a Financial Coach 101  


This six-week course to become a financial coach will teach coaches to assist clients in setting financial goals, spending plans, and much more using an online workbook that covers: 


  • Biblical financial truths

  • Tailoring a personal spending plan

  • Adapting a debt reduction plan

  • Tips on dealing with creditors

  • Ways to save

  • more


Class Dates:      Mondays, Oct 11th - Nov 22nd (skips Nov 1st)

Class Time:        6 - 7:30pm(CT)

Location:           Online                                                                                     

Cost:                 $150.00 per individual 

Prerequisite:    Biblical  Financial Study

Online Biblical Financial Study


"Navigating Your Finances God's Way" Presented by Compass Finances God's Way 

This nine week small group study teaches individuals God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. Chapters include:


  • God’s Part & Our Part

  • Debt, Honesty & Counsel

  • Work

  • Saving & Investing

  • Crisis & Perspective

  • Generosity


Class Dates:         Click Here For Class Dates

Location:              Online                                                         

Class Size:            6 - 8        

Cost:                    Hardback $39         Digital Book $17.99

Prerequisite:          None


If you need a prerequisite,  "Navigating your Finances God's Way" will fulfill that requirement. 

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