Jack and Kate

Chad and Tammy have been married for 10 years. They have one baby named Aiden and Jack works full time in the Heathcare Industry. Kate is a stay-at-home mom.


They would like to:


  • Get out of debt 

  • Not live pay check to pay check

  • Find out where they are financially

  • Save for future expenses 

"30 Day Spending Assessment"
     Workbook Page 6 -  Assisting Jack and Kate with their first "30 Day Spending Assestment"

Chad and Tammy Personal Information Sheet 



            Chad and Tammy  30 Day Spending Assessment



"Looking At A Paycheck Stub."
     Workbook Page 7-  Paycheck Stub

Chad and Tammy Personal Information Sheet 



           Jack's Paycheck Stub



          Payroll Glossary 



"Credit Report"
     Workbook Pages 7 & 8 -  Assisting Jack and Kate with their Credit Report.


Chad and Tammy Personal Information Sheet 


Their Credit Report  (Sample of a Credit Report)




Their Assets and Liabilities form