Biblical Answers To Your Financial Questions 


MoneyWise Media manages the nationally syndicated radio programs MoneyWise Live, MoneyWise, and MoneyWise Minute heard on more than 1,000 radio outlets each day.


The hosts, Rob West and Steve Moore, use biblical financial principles to help callers with their financial questions on air. Through the website ( individuals are directed to connect with Budget Coaches, to Ask a Question of a Financial Coach and also can connect with a Kingdom Advisors professional.  They also offer articles, printed resources and past programming for accessing to further the individual's understanding of God's financial principles.

Connect has partnered with Christian Credit Counselors to provide a tool for credit card consolidation for our clients.


Christian Credit Counselors has relationships with over 400 creditors. This allows them to ensure that they can negotiate an unsecured debt consolidation program that works for you. Their certified and experienced counselors serve as unbiased advocates, offering everyone that calls prayer, guidance, and resources. Here's how it works:


  1. Meet your personal Credit Counselor, for your free no-obligation debt analysis. Your counselor will work with you, reviewing your debt information to find the solution that is right for you.

  2. Your Credit Counselor will look over your budget and debt analysis. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about how much you will save on the program.

  3. If you qualify, their team will then lower your interest rates and consolidate your payments into one easy monthly payment that you can afford. 

Connect has partnered with Compass to provide our clients with solid Biblical financial studies. In turn, we 

provide both training for prospective coaches, as well as coaches to assist with the thousands of financial questions that they receive through their website and Howard Dayton's Radio show. This partnership works to ensure that every individual's inquiry is personally served.

Compass is here to serve churches, businesses, ministries, schools and other organizations by providing 

Biblically-based solutions on handling money and possessions. Compass's experience and services include:

1. Leading globally with over 35 years of worldwide service.

2. Bringing awareness to the 2350 verses in scripture dealing with money and possessions.

3. Equipping your organization with practical tools that open hearts to the transformation that can

     only come from God’s Word.

4. Assessing your organization’s needs through our experienced field team members to serve everyone in
    your organization, regardless of their age or financial position.

5. Discovering what God wants for the people in your organization, while not expecting anything from you.


Kingdom Advisors is a professional association that offers in-depth training and a tight-knit community to Christian financial professionals who want to integrate their faith with their practice. Kingdom Advisors provides advocacy, training, and community for financial professionals who are specialists in offering biblically wise advice. We also offer distinction to our advisors by granting the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation. We are committed to serving advisors along their unique journeys of faith/work integration.

Engaging with a Certified Kingdom Advisor in your area is the first step toward living out your faith in your financial decisions under the care of an advisor who has demonstrated professional competence and a commitment to biblically wise financial counsel.

While Kingdom Advisors does not engage in one-on-one budget coaching, they can assist you in locating a professional in the following fields:

  • Financial Planner

  • Insurance Professional

  • Investment Advisor

  • Accountant

  • Attorney

Connect and Vision Resourcing Group have teamed up to provide individuals and churches with Financial Coaching. Whether delivering in person or online, we can offer training from basic 101 to more comprehensive coaching material. 


Vision Resourcing Group 501C3 not-for-profit ministry is dedicated to helping Christian leaders succeed in their areas of responsibility and calling. Our “Group” of seasoned consultants & trainers bring many years of experience to you in the areas of biblical stewardship/leadership/generosity training. Through our process of “Consult-Equip-Support,” we help “resource your vision” for your particular area of leadership responsibility. We provide this through our in-house and partner organization resources, including one-on-one and group training. Though we draw from the best “resources” available for your “vision needs,” our strength is our long-term commitment and personal support, with the use of our custom analysis and measurement tools to allow you to track your progress and success. Another strength is our ability to assist you in designing the best mix of resource options, which include a customized action plan of how best to make use of these tools.

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