Biblical Perspective

PS in Montana

Getting a biblical perspective was very reassuring on helping me to make a decision And put my mind at ease over this situation that was out of my control. The coach was very knowledgeable and I certainly appreciate having access to wise counsel!

Highly Recommend

KT in Illinois

I am so very grateful for the very honest and clear advise I was given. I will recommend my coach and/or money to anyone I know in a heart beat. May God bless you richly for doing what you are doing to help people like me.

Genuine Desire to Help

RM in Indiana

In a world that is more interested in materialism and see what you can get from others, knowing that there are still good people serving the Lord with a genuine desire to serve others and do well, even if they don't know the person or persons they are servicing is refreshing and comforting! I feel like my needs were acknowledged and your example of caring for others has set a precedent for myself to do the same for others! I am very grateful for your assistance and pray for the good Lord bless you all abundantly!