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"Financial Workbook!"

This workbook, with the help of a coach, will guide you through the process of:


  • Discussing Biblical principles of finances

  • Organizing your finances

  • Setting Goals 

  • Developing ways to save

  • Adapting a debt reduction plan

  • Obtaining your Credit Report

  • Identifying tools to track financials

  • Making effective financial decisions

The workbook includes electronic spreadsheets, “How To” videos, step-by-step instructions, and much more. By the time you finish this workbook, you will have a complete financial spending plan, and the tools to manage the day-to-day spending. 

Please note that the workbook is an online document and not downloadable to your personal computer.  If you need a printed copy, you may select the print button on your computer.   If you elect to use a printed copy, you will lose the interactive capability of the online workbook.



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