Class Starts Tuesday June 7th 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Central

This eight-week course will train individuals to become financial coaches.

Financial coaches work with clients in setting financial goals, spending plans, and much more. 
This course covers: 

  • Working with clients

  • Biblical financial truths

  • Tailoring a personal spending plan

  • Adapting a debt reduction plan

  • Tips on dealing with creditors

  • Ways to save

  • Career strategies

(The Workbook is included in the cost.)

Class Dates:        Tuesday June 7th  12:00 - 1:30 pm Central                                                            

Location:              Online                                                                                     

Class Size:             5 - 6       

Cost:                       $150.00 Single/$230.00 Couple 

Prerequisite:        Biblical  Financial Study

Online Biblical Financial Study

"Navigating Finances God's Way" Online Class

by Howard Dayton

Presented by Compass Finances God's Way 


This nine week small group study teaches individuals God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. It will provide the practical applications of handling finances, and really gets to the heart of the matter.  

more information


  • God’s Part & Our Part

  • Debt, Honesty & Counsel

  • Work

  • Saving & Investing

  • Crisis & Perspective

  • Generosity



Class Dates:        Click Here For Class Dates

Location:             Online                                                         

Class Size:            6 - 8        

Cost                    Hardback  $39     Digital Book $17.99

Prerequisite:       None


If you need a prereqiusite,  "Navigating Finances God's Way" will fulfill that requirement. 

Using Quicken, this course teaches you how to set up a spending plan. You will see how easily Quicken brings all your accounts together in one place, shows you how much money you really have (and where it’s going), and helps you establish a plan you can live with. Additionally, because this is a one-on-one class, we are able to schedule the class time according to your schedule.


Class Dates:        TBD  

Location:             Online                                                         

Class Size:            6 - 8        

Cost                    $20

Prerequisite:       Must Have Quicken


Dave Ramsey's "Every Dollar"

Learn what money management software / apps are out there and how to use them.


We will be learning how to use a variety of money management software tools in order to assist  clients in tracking their 30 days of spending and creating a budget.  This course teaches how to set up a spending plan, bring all the accounts together in one place.


We will be learning money management tools such as:


  • Dave Ramsey's "Every Dollar"

  • YNAB

  • Mvelopes 

  • Ibank 


Class Dates:      Tuesday June 7th
Class Time:        12:00 - 1:00 pm Central 

Location:            Online                                                                                     

Class Size:           5 - 6       

Cost:                     $0

Prerequisite:      Have Dave Ramsey's "Every Dollar" Downloaded
                               (Free Version or Paid Version ) 


We are also able to schedule this class as a one-on-one session. Just complete the registration and put in the comments, "Need One-On-One Training."

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Training for Coaches  


The Connect Financial Ministries "Coach Training" Program is designed for your convenience. Completely virtual and online, this 8-week,11/2 hour class will equip and prepare you to assist individuals, couples, and small business owners reach their financial goals!


Do you have a desire to help others apply :

Apply Biblical Principals 

Establish a Financial Plan 

Save More