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Become a MoneyWise Financial Coach

What's a MoneyWise Financial Coach?

A coach is someone who has a desire to understand, teach, share, and apply Biblical financial principles using an online platform with clients. 

A One-on-One Financial Coach assists clients online in a one-on-one setting, evaluating their spending patterns and helps them work toward a balanced spending plan.  Additionally, this coach will help with:


  • Biblical truths about managing the resources God has entrusted to them

  • Tailoring a personal spending plan

  • Developing a debt reduction plan

  • Tips on dealing with creditors

  • Saving strategies

  • Financial Software - Suggesting tools to track finances

  • Coaching Sessions run between 1 and 1½ hours. Sessions generally start out being weekly for the first one to three months, and then transition to meeting bi-weekly. The frequency depends on the client's need.

  • Commit to coach at least 2 clients per quarter for MoneyWise

A Referral Financial Coach assists clients by answering questions that are generated from people listening to the MoneyWise Radio programs. Specifically, a Referral Coach:

  • Connects with clients via email and or phone (dependent on the preference and need)

  • Often only deals with a client once, but usually gives the option for continued discussion, if the situation warrants

  • May be required to be familiar with a broad spectrum of financial questions

  • Uses scriptural basis for answering questions or giving direction without "preaching"

  • Gives multiple suggestions and resources (when possible) for the client to review 

    • The resources could be articles, web links, forms, etc.

    • May warn clients if they have knowledge (not just heresay) about scams or other areas which could harm client

  • If the question delves into an area which requires professional certification or licensing (legal areas, specific investing questions, etc.) the coach is instructed to refer the client to an appropriate alternate resource (Kingdom Advisors, Smart Mind Investing, Christian Credit Counselors, etc.).  If the coach has the proper licensing, they may give general information, but are prohibited from accepting business  through their discussion with clients

To become a Financial Coach:


Step One Prerequisite - The completion of one of the following:


  • Compass' Navigating Your Finances God's Way  more info 

  • Compass' Money and Marriage Bible Study  more info

  • Crown's MoneyLife Personal Finance Study  more info

  • Ron Blue Institute God Owns It All Study  more info

  • Other Approved Biblical Financial Study

Step Two Complete and submit an application for review



Step Three  Register to take the MoneyWise Financial Coach Training (once the application has been approved)

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